Buck Shreck


Well here is another from Africa. Hope you like

Who's There??

Bad Dude

just got this image today in Etosha Park, Namibia Africa

Colorful Lilac Breasted Roller

Not sure what kind of bird this is, but I got this image in Botswana,Africa ... If any one knows please let me know


this image was taken just south of Etosha Park, Namibia Africa

Cheetah 2

This is another image of this cheetah that was just south of Etosha Park, Namibia Africa

Victoria Falls

This is Victoria Falls, from the Zimbabwe, Africa side

Watering Hole

This family of lions was the only lions I saw in Etosha Park, Namibia Africa

On The Lookout

The lionesses we're on the look out this day ..... Thought I'd put up 2 images since I'm leaving for home tomorrow .... Etosha Park, Namibia Africa

No Laughter Here

As Rob and I were headed to Chobe National Park in Botswana, Africa, we took a wrong road just south of the park and when we figured it out we saw these two hyenas walking right up to the truck we were in, with no concerns about us ..... and they was not laughing at all

Naner, Naner, Naner

Hippo Grin

This image was taken on the great Zambezi River on the Zimbabwe side of the river


On The Hunt

This is another image of this cheetah that was just south of Etosha Park, Namibia Africa

The Other Side

Kodiak Coastal Brown Bear crossing women's bay

Snoozing on the Boardwalk

I took this image yesterday of this yearling cub grizzly snoozing on the boardwalk for about 20 minutes after eating a lot of salmon that his mother was catching for him and her ….. 20 minutes later mother came and got him to move

Family Portrait

I took this image of this yearling cub and it's mother 2 days ago while I was down on the Russian River. From what I was told …. the Bears have been out and about on the river very thick this year and I missed it by being in Africa …. Hmmmmm …. thats ok …. I had a blast in Africa …. I can always get bear images, since I live here in alaska, 40 miles from the river

Family Portrait 2

Here's another image I took of this yearling cub and it's mother 2 days ago while I was down on the Russian River. From what I was told …. the Bears have been out and about on the river very thick this year and I missed it by being in Africa …. Hmmmmm …. thats ok …. I had a blast in Africa …. I can always get bear images, since I live here in alaska, 40 miles from the river


Here's today's image I took of this large bore searching for the last of the salmon coming up the Russian River. The last run is about over and now most of the fish that did not make it are lying dead on the banks and the bottom of the river. Now the bears that are left, are left searching just like this one is doing now, trying to get the best of the best of the salmon. It's a tough life right now for the bears, but from the looks of this bore …… he didn't miss to many meals ……. he'll make the winter for sure

Sizing Him Up

This Sow (background) had a cub that is out of frame and I think she was just sizing him (foreground) up in case he decided to go after and kill the cub, which sometimes they do to bring the sow back into heat …. in this case she ran him off

So Many Choices

I decided to put this image up because when I was down on the river while he and his mother was out looking for salmon, this young cub could not make up his mind between sea gulls and salmon


This image I found when looking back into my archive just a bit ago and thought to put it up to see what you thought of it. I took it in the Fall of 2010 when there was a small fire going on in the park near the Madison river in Yellowstone N.P..


Here's another elk image from my archive I took in the fall of 2010 when there was a small fire going on in Yellowstone N.P.near the Madison river.

Waterfowl Lake

Waterfowl Lake in Banff National Park.

Calling All Ladies

Yellowstone Bull Elk

BackYard Moose

While eating dinner yesterday evening, a cow moose decided to come into my yard and eat my bushes. So skipping my dinner for a bit I picked up my camera and took a few shots. She had two calves with her but as soon as I stepped out to get some shots of them they hurried off into the thick brush and never came out for a picture …. but their mother stayed around and let me take a few …… The light was just perfect ….. what do you think??

Wonder lake Bull Moose

This image was taken this fall during my road lottery trip to wonder lake in Denali National Park …. This bull was just a few miles north of Wonder lake and I think he was letting me know that I was a little to close …. what do you think

Wonder lake Bull Moose II

This is another image taken this fall during my road lottery trip to wonder lake in Denali National Park …. This bull was just a few miles north of Wonder lake.

The Deadliest Catch

This young Grizzly was trying so hard to catch a salmon along the Russian River, until he caught it ….. but for the salmon…… it was the "Deadliest catch".

Lonely stroll

Elk at the Madison River



When it comes to taking winter scene shots here in Alaska and trust me, there is an endless amount of scenic images to be had here in Alaska ..... it seems for me at least, my favorite shots to take are "cornices" .... some of them are the largest I have ever seen anywhere I have been .... I'm hoping that this winter will not disappoint.


Here's another one of my close up encounters that I get with most of the bears that come down to the Russian River here on the Kenai, Alaska ....

You've Lost That Lovin' Feelings

This is a bear that I named "BULLY" because of his nature of the fact. He was also a bear that seemed to just love his picture taken, and by me..... he got it taken soooooo many times that he has been in several magazines and has graced the covers of 5 magazines .... hope you like this image of him

Mother & Cubs

What's up Dude???

Board Members At G.P.S.E.

These are the Board members at G.P.S.E.


While in Africa last August ... I got the chance to get every animal I really wanted except for the leopard ..... I mean I got to see one, but not a chance for a image ....... But now I did get to see and photograph these guys ...The Cheetahs ..... and what fun.

Lip Smacking Good

Here's Another Close-up image of a Cheetah that I photographed while in Namibia, Africa

After the Catch

This Cheetah just got through eating a New ginnie Grouse that He caught in the air ( that's what I was told ) I just got there after wards and the other cheetah you can see leaving in the background "BUCK"

Cool Clear Water

Cool Clear Water, .... This young Elephant was enjoying the cool clear watering hole as they do most days when they need water ..... This image was taken when I was in Botswana at Chobe N.P.

Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher Landing, Grand Teton N.P.

" OH REALLY!!! "

Now heres Yogi trying to let me know that maybe I was getting a little to close

Close Enough

I think was as close as I should have gotten that day

On The Other Side

I normally don't have people in my images but This image was taken in Chobe N.P., Botswana Africa ...... and the only thing that comes to mind is why did the baby elephant cross the road? ..... theres 2 different answers.... you know? ...........

Just Sittin & Chillin

This was taken at the Russian River here on the Kenai, ..... These 2 cubs just sitting on the river bank waiting for Mom's return...............

Russian River Black Bear

Russian River Black Bear

Kenai Lake

This is another image that I took while on the wife's and my drive today to Kenai Lake, crossing the Bridge next to Cooper landing ........ Beautiful day it was today

Kenai Lake II

Here is another image that I took while on the wife's and my drive yesterday to Kenai Lake, crossing the Bridge next to Cooper landing ........ Beautiful day it was yesterday

Athabasca Falls

This image was taken last spring in just south of Jasper, B.C. ..... This is called Athabasca Falls

Hold Still

This is another look at those cubs from across the Brook's river. It seemed that every time I seen them, at least one or both were sanding up. I got to the point that I was searching them out to see what they were up too.

Three Amigos

These 3 Dall sheep rams stick together all the time in the Mountains just above the Seward Hy-way just south of Anchorage

Little one

All of about 30 pounds ..... thats all this one was

What's Up

Here's a look at two cubs from across the Brook's river. They are very curious in what is going on across the Brooks river on the platform (Just Photographers) ….. their mother is doing something down river and not paying any attention to the cubs …. perfect opportunity for images

White Toes

This image is of an old sow there at brooks lodge ...... just look at those claws .... white toe nails .... just so cool

Balcony Seat

After the hassle of the Male bear that kept coming around and the mother sow had to defend off.... the mother went back to fishing for salmon and the 2 cubs decided to go to the theatre and the one cub got a balcony seat

Homer Ak Eagles

Here is an image that I must have over looked in the past. Hmmmmm How could that be .... hope you like


This Image Was taken in Homer, Alaska

Food For The Hungry

I got this Cheetah early morning just outside of Etosha Park, Namibia,Africa

B&W - Color Combined

Black And White and Color combined together ...... Kenai Lake, Kenai Alaska

Portage Lake

Portage Lake, Portage, Alaska

The Wildebeest

This is a wildebeest …… For me I see Moose … Why you ask? … Well, One… they both are at the top of the food chain, both for moose here in the U.S. and for the wildebeest in Africa. second if you will notice that the moose and wildebeest are, just plain ugly …. again, …. both for moose here in the U.S. and for the wildebeest in Africa, … not to mention …. they both have the long nose bridge…… In any event, I wonder if they could related in some way …… just a thought.

The Yellowstone Look

Lamar valley Coyote sitting pretty

I'm Sooooooo Bored

This is another image of the same yellowstone Coyote that Looks sooooo bored


A mixture of B&W and Color I came up with for a more dramatic look .... let me know if you like this one ....Please come up with a name for me .... Thanks

Mad Fur Seal

This is an image of a fur seal that was following me around for some reason when I was at the Skeleton Coast Park in Namibia, Africa


I found these two rams hanging around with each other, when there was about 25 other rams in this bachelor group that I found along the Turnagain Arm, just south of Anchorage Ak …. They seemed to stay just a short distance from the rest of the group, like a king on his throne and his jester by his side … hope you like

Run Like The Wind

The only thing I did not get for X-mas is spring.... I'm missing it right about now...Don't get me wrong.... I had a great X-mas ....I took this image during my work shop trip with Dirt Cheap Photo Tour with Jeff Clow as Host, down in Yellowstone N.P.. A heard of buffalo of about 50 ran across the road on a dead run and there was even buffalo jumping and clearing the fence you see behind this buffalo in this image

The "I Dare You" Look

While I was in Yellowstone last year, I came up on this Bull Buffalo …. at the time he was standing up while I was photographing him, looking confused and at that time I thought he was confused, but what I found out later was he was trying to place himself in such a way as to be able to see all around him if he was going to lay down. Now after he did lay down,….. I tried to get in to such a position for some different photographs, he started to give these bad looks at me and this is one that I thought fit …. I Dare You.

Swan Valley Bear & 2 cubs

This was taken at Yellowstone N .P. in swan valley of a Bear sow and 2 cubs trying to find something to eat.

Just Curious

I ran across this image and for the life of me cannot remember where it was taken .... the wife and I are still trying to figure this out..... We both know that it was taken some where in Canada, just not sure where in Canada. I will let you know where it was when I figure it out.

Yearning For Spring

As I travel in Yellowstone, I often come across Bull Elk and I get to thinking how lonely their life really is. From the time that I took this image I knew the name for this images was going to be ... "Yearning For Spring". It just had that look "BUCK"

The 3 Amigos

3 big horns in Yeloowstone

Hmmm Hmmm Good!!

This is a juvenile grizzly at the confluence of the Kenai and Russian Rivers, finding all kinds of salmon to eat and was not in the least concerned with me photographing him.

It's all About B&W

When I was in Africa last August I would see a lot of Zebras and in the heat of the day while photographing them and looking in the view finder it almost looked the same as this image shows .... shows what the heat can do to an image ... Hope you like.

Just Waiting

Lamar valley Coyote just sitting waiting for something to happen in his world

Leader Of The Pack

This wolf is the leader of the pack in Yellowstone's silver pack. Him and the Alfa female were out scouting for food when I took this image. As far as close … this is the closest that I have been able to get this this particular pack. Hope you like.

Just Passing By

As I was in Yellowstone I found myself watching a pack of wolves that no one else was seeing at that point in time, so I decided to pull out my 400 mm 2.8, with my doubler on and mounted it up my Wimberly & scimmer set up and go off the road a bit and lay down in the snow to get some shots of the wolves that I had been watching. As I was doing so, I noticed the wolves looking my direction and I thought maybe they had spotted me. So I laid there very still as to think that maybe they would not pay any attention me. As I lay there I heard a noise that I could not detect where it was coming from …. Then from out of nowhere I heard this wolf howling out to his pack, so I turned to the left side of me to just in time to get this and many other images of this wolf passing right by me. He had no Idea that I was even there, so I think, for he never even looked in my direction…… All I know is that he was so close to me that even I was a little rattled. Hope you like.

Just Before The Dive

I caught this Great Gray Owl just before he made his dive to the ground for his food. I took this at Grand Tetons N.P. …. It's also the only image I have of a flying owl.

B&W On Color

This is another B&W,on Color image that was taken in Etosha N.P.,in Namibia Africa. I think it brings out more of the focus on the subject ( Lion ) than before

Russian River Bear

Russian River Bear in Alaska

Salmon Eating Machine

This Sow Brown Bear was trying to catch up with her weight, that her 2 cubs had taken from her last winter …. most women eat less trying to get their figure back and Bears do just the opposite ….. I guess Bear like the kind of figure they get from eating all the time…….. it seems that male bears think the same.

How Much Is To Much

I guess in the bear world … to much is never enough, when your trying to put weight on for the winter. But when I go out to the rivers in the late fall to try and find the last of the bears feeding on what is left of the salmon…. for me that is the best time for bear images. I'm always amazed at how much weight they can put on especially when you have photographed the same bear in the spring and you see what all that salmon does to them thru-out the spring,summer, and fall … know you can see them too in this image.


This image was taken in Botswana Africa, and Elephants are everywhere …. especially in families ……. Family is the nucleus of there existence … in this photo you have the calf and his mother and an aunt ….

Double Take

This image was taken north of Yellowstone, outside of Gardner Mt. There was a whole herd of about 20 to 30, just grazing along the the hi-way.

Big Family

When I am on the Russian River trying to get images of bear, I'm also trying to get images of anything else that I can get. A lot of time when I'm on the river I get to see these guys ( Mergansers ) and in the spring you see a lot of female Mergansers toting around there young. As you can see they have very large families, but unfortunately, only a few will survive.

Blowing Wind

As everyone knows ….. when in Yellowstone and mainly in the lamar valley in the winter, the wind blows a lot……… When photographing in the wind it can be a little hard to get that right focus ……. now I'm not saying that this image is the best image that one can take in the wind, but I feel that it captures the feel of the wind that this coyote has to deal with on a day to day basis. …… What do you think………

Looking Goofy

I thought this was a great image of this mother and son Giraffe acting goofy when they were chase around the watering hole by a couple of Jackals. I don't think the Jackals could do much damage to them, but it was fun watching them being chased in a fun sorta way and the expression on their faces afterwards.

Looking For!!!

This is the second image in the series of shots that I took when I photograph the bears at the Russian River, sometimes I get lucky enough to be able to shoot them without their knowledge as I did with this bear …. with my chest waiters on, I was able to sit in the river and in a bush concealed from him ……. I must admit that I had to sit quietly, so as not to let him hear me, because if he did, he would have came over to investigate the noise …. the only noise that I was making was coming from the camera itself when I hit the shutter button, but with the noise of the river ….. it hid the shutter noise quite well … once again….. lucky for me

Pouncing Coyote

Coyote pouncing on a vole, Yellowstone NP

Flying For Dinner

Coyote flying through the air for his dinner, Yellowstone NP

Coyote pouncing

Coyote pouncing on a vole, Yellowstone NP

Thinking Of Spring

I'm Just Saying ………….. Thinking Of Spring

Denali Grizzly

This Grizzly image was taken just about 8 miles north of Cantwell Ak. The bear was on the west side of the Tannana River, just inside the park boundary.

It's Here SomeWhere

This Grizzly"s name is Porcupine …. he is in Yellowstone N.P. …. he is doing something we call "Grubbing"……. whether it is after voles or roots. When they come out of their winter sleep they do a lot of rubbing and grubbing.

Yellowstone Sow & Cub

Stick and Fly

"NO WATERMARK ON PRINT COPY" Homer spit, Homer Alaska